Top 9 Signs You’ve been HACKED !!

1: Redirected Internet searches
2: Unwanted browser toolbars
3: Fake antivirus messages
4: Frequent random pop-ups
5: Your friends receive fake emails from you
6: Your online passwords suddenly change
7: Unexpected software installs
8: Your mouse moves between programs and makes correct selections
9: Your anti malware software, Task Manager, or Registry Editor is disabled and can’t be restarted

Most malicious hacking originates from 1 of 3 vectors: unpatched software, running Trojan horse programs, & responding to fake phishing emails. Take note of it and you’ll be less likely to have to rely on your anti malware software’s accuracy.

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Scams

Twenty percent of the world’s population is “on” Facebook—that’s well over a billion people.

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Scams

  1. Profile visitor stats. It’s all about vanity. It doesn’t take long for any new Facebook user to see an ad offering to reveal how many people are viewing your profile. You can even find out who’s viewing. It must make a lot of FB users feel validated to know how many people are viewing them and just whom, because this scam comes in at the top.Is it really that important to know how many people are viewing your profile? Even if your self-worth depends on this information, Facebook can’t provide it. These ads are scams by hackers.
  2. Rihanna sex tape. What a sorry life someone must be leading to be lured into clicking a link that promises a video of a recording star having sex. Don’t click on any Rihanna sex tape link, because the only intimacy you’ll ultimately witness is a hacker getting into your computer
  3. Change your profile color. Don’t click on anything that relates to changing your FB profile color. Facebook is blue. Get over it. You’ll never get red, purple, pink, black, grey, white, red, orange or brownish-magenta. Forget it. Deal. If you see this offering in your news feed, ignore it. It’s a scam.
  4. Free Facebook tee shirt. Though this offering seems quite innocuous, anyone who never rushes to click things will realize that this can’t possibly be legitimate. Do you realize how much a billion tee shirts cost? Even if you don’t know that one-fifth the world’s population uses Facebook, you should know that an enormous number of people use it and they aren’t getting a t-shirt.a. Where would Facebook get the money to 1) produce all those tee shirts (even if one-tenth of FB users wanted one, that’s still a LOT of money), and 2) mail the shirts out, and 3) pay reams of people to package the shirts and address the packages? People, THINK before you click! See your top 10 Facebook stalkers. This is just so funny, how can anyone take it seriously and be lured into clicking it?
  5. See your top 10 Facebook stalkers. This is just so funny, how can anyone take it seriously and be lured into clicking it?
  6. Free giveaways. It’s cliché time: Nothing’s free in this world—certainly not on Facebook. End of story.
  7. See if a friend has deleted you. This, too, sounds suspicious. And besides, is it really that important if a “friend” has deleted you? Do you even personally know every individual who has ever friended you? This feature does not exist. You’re better off pretending that nobody would ever want to delete you because you’re so special! But actually, there are plug-ins available that perform this function, but still, stay away.
  8. Find out who viewed your profile. Again, here’s a scam that works well on people who have too much time on their hands. This function doesn’t exist on Facebook.
  9. Just changed my Facebook theme and it’s rad! Ignore this at all costs.
  10. Tragedy of the day. Whenever there is something horrific going on such as Mother Nature getting all murderous or some man made disaster or even a celebrity dying, you can be sure Facebook scammers are on top of the breaking news with a “video” or “photo” that simply isn’t. Just don’t click it.


6 Ways to Secure Your Email Account

On August 30th, 1982, a copyright for a Computer Program for Electronic Mail System was issued to Shiva Ayvadurai. Thus, email was born. 32 years later, email has become an essential part of our lives. Emails are a must-have item, allowing us to connect and share information with friends, teachers, and co-workers.

To celebrate email’s birthday, here are 6 ways to secure your email account.

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Private Investigator-The Divine Within

1. As I was reading the Holy Quran today, I passed through verse 104 of Surah Al Imran as below:

surah al imran
Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

2. All of a sudden, it struck my mind, does being a private investigator qualify me to be in this group of blessed people? If it is, I’m grateful that I have such a noble job and for that whatever the price that I need to pay to be a good and blessed private investigator, all the obstacles and challenges along the way will be the one that are worth facing.

3. To those who has been in the industry and to those who is considering this profession as their career, if you are a Muslim, be steadfast, guided by integrity and principles, also always remind yourself that everything that you do to search for truth and justice, one thing for sure is you’ll be rewarded if not in this life, it will in the life after.

Pak Wan

Private Investigator at Work-Surveillance Detection

Surveillance Detection

Terrorist attacks follow a distinct process referred to as the Terrorist Attack Cycle.  The terrorist attack cycle includes:  Target selection, planning, deployment, escape and exploitation.  Regardless of the type of attack whether it be terrorist such as a bombing or kidnapping or a criminal attack such as a theft there is almost always some amount of preoperational hostile surveillance conducted.  This hostile surveillance is intended to assess a potential target for value, security measures and vulnerabilities and it’s during this phase that terrorists and other attackers are vulnerable to detection.

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Throughout the years in business, in many occasions, victims had been coming to us to consult for resolving their problem of getting back their money from those online scams of various nature and Modus Operandi be it Romance scam, Charities scam, Investment Scam and various others. The most common answer that will be coming from us after hearing their stories and after several attempts made to identify those culprits will be “We have exhausted all avenues to check and identify who they are but unfortunately, there’s no lead to this case”.

It is frustrating to learn that it is nearly impossible to go after these online scammers and we have noticed that “facebook’ has been used as one of the major platform used by those scammers to source for their victims.  Thus, It is timely for the people to understand the emerging threat of cyber risk and be “cyber streetwise” to protect themselves from the risk involved when having an account in “Facebook”.


25 Psychological Traps That Lead ‘Good’ People To Commit Fraud

Many white collar crimes aren’t committed by hardened criminals. It’s often normally moral people under financial strain, those under severe pressure from their bosses or shareholders, or people who get away with something minor then try to to test their limits.

So what exactly leads otherwise normal and hardworking people to cross the line? That’s the subject of a paper by Dr. Muel Kaptein of the Rotterdam School Of Management. 

We’ve collected some of the key insights and cognitive biases as a guide of what to look out for in a workplace. 

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