Background Check To Prevent Fraud

When I was in my master class listening to one of my risk management lecturer explaining on the importance of risk management and the emergence of enterprise risk management in businesses, suddenly a story of her personal friend getting married to an impostor cropped out and a topic of background check was discussed. We were told that this unfortunate lady only realized that her husband was defrauding her after 10 years of marriage and eventually the marriage ended due to lost of trust.

Apart from personal experiences of individuals dealing with fraudster, there were also a lot of enterprises had suffered due to their failure to carry out background check on criminals in their organization. Based on an article in, let us examine the experiences of these organizations so that we can eventually understand the importance of us conducting a background check to protect our personal or business interest:-

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How GPS Tracking Works

Idea of how GPS tracking works is quite simple. A GPS tracking device works by communicating with satellites that orbit around the planet. These satellites are owned by the United States Department of Defense that were opened for civilian use since 1996. These 24 satellites are responsible for feeding the exact location on to the tracking device.

The signals they transmit are very accurate because they all work simultaneously. Apart from the location, they can also give data that will show the tracking device’s speed, altitude, and direction.
Truly, the technology of GPS has come a long way. Now, we see them on mobile phones and in the internet.

Private Investigator at Work-Static Surveillance Techniques

In becoming an effective surveillance operative, one of the most crucial skill that need to be grasped and mastered is the skill to set up a static observation post or some other private investigator terms it as “stationary surveillance post”. Relevant questions such as “Where do I set up my surveillance vehicle?”, How close should I be to the subject’s house?”, and “What if I can’t see the subject’s residence directly?”, are all the questions that might crop up in the course of carrying out the surveillance measure. Below are some insights that might be considered in addressing the issues above:-

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Private Investigator at Work-Surveillance??? It’s not an Easy job

Surveillance or Observation job is one of the main task in a job description of a Private Investigator. Its either you become the coordinator of your own surveillance team which can be comprises of one, two or more operatives at one time at a site or you yourself will have to go on the ground carrying out the task yourself. I’m not going to be touching on the topic which method is the best in carrying carry out the task , but I would like to highlight the findings that was presented in one of the forum where I am one of the member. The issue that was brought up was:-

“If your mark becomes aware that you are watching them, what reactions have you observed from them”?

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How To Engage A Private Investigator And Get It Cheap

1. Private Investigation Industry in Malaysia has been in place for so long that the act which governs the conduct of Malaysian Private Investigator in Malaysian has since being enacted in 1971 which is known as Private Agencies Act 1971.

2. Private Agency Act 1971 outlines that any company or an individual who wants to operate a private investigation business, a licensed need to be obtained from the government and at this current moment, the license is issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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