The Reality of Malaysia PRU 13

Few days back, I had an opportunity to discuss matters pertaining to the upcoming PRU 13 with my long time friend who had been long involved in previous PRUs and in this upcoming PRU 13 also had been tasked to be in one of the government Intel machinery. The first question posed by me to him was which side will be able to form up the future government? And of course a lot of other aspects of PRU 13 had been discussed along the line of discussions between both of us.

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The Reality of Private Investigator’s Job

A silhouette of a woman donning a fur wrap appears on the other side of a glass door. Inside, a man with a five-o’clock shadow on his face puffs a cigarette, then opens the door, asking the woman: “What’s a doll-faced dame like you doing in these parts?”

“My husband is cheating on me and I need you to track him down,” the woman replies, drawing closer to the man, a private eye, whose image is that of a trench-coated gumshoe, trailing underworld elements through shadowed streets and dark alleys.

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How to Screen Job Applicants to Avoid Potential Employee Fraud

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), an estimated 6% of revenues were lost in 2002 as a result of occupational fraud and abuses. Applied to Malaysian Gross Domestic Products in 2011 which amounted RM 278.67 Billion, this translates to losses of approximately RM 16.7 Billion.

The frightening part is that many of these perpetrators don’t appear to be hardened criminals; they don’t seem much different from the rest of us. In his book, Occupational Fraud and Abuse-How to Prevent and Detect Asset Misappropriation, Corruption and Fraudulent Statements (Obsidian Publishing, 1997), Joseph T .Wells, CFE, CPA, Chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, writes, ” Few people begin their careers with the goal of becoming liars, cheats, and thieves. Yet that turns out to be the destiny of all too many.”

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Security Risk Assessment-The Methodology


Security Audit and Risk Assessment is one of the method of risk management process with regard to the security aspect of a business, enterprises and its installations. It is a systematic process of security auditing and assessment which comprises of several steps followed by the security professionals with the objectives of assessing the threats to any facility, areas or businesses, the level of vulnerability based on the existing security measures, analyzing the impact of the security incidents, and lastly proposing recommendation on mitigation action and the necessary security counter measures. Security Audit and Risk Assessment should be carried out on a continuous and periodical basis as there might be changes of threats to the facility or businesses over time. Moreover, the infrastructure and security system of a an installation or facility also might change over time that will impact to the current risk level at site[i].  For example, a change in the access control system of a facility from manual recording through punch card system to biometric system will definitely give rise to the threat of high tech fraud such as database intrusion, digital tampering and others.

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PI At Work-We are TRUTH Seeker not Tyrant!!!!

This evening, after finishing my work at the office and on my way back home, my cell phone rang and it was from one of our client who had engaged us to get some information. The conversation started:-

Client:- “Zairi, I read your email and  you’ve got the info that we want, right?

Myself:-Yes sir, we’ve emailed our final invoice to you and upon payment, we’ll release the info to your part.

Client:- May I know, is the info that you got showed some linkage to this particular person that we are investigating? If the info does not show any linkage, then we won’t pay you!!

Myself:-Well sir, let me reassert our position and standpoint, whatever information that you want us to secure, we managed to secure it and our report will  be based on the information that we have in hand. Our main concern is on the accuracy of the info and whether it has any linkage to the person that you are investigating or not, it will be on your part to decide on it as we will just report the truth.

Client: My question is simple whether there is any linkage or not, because if it does not, then we won’t pay you!!

Myself: The question sounds simple but difficult to answer. I won’t answer then.

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Background Check To Prevent Fraud

When I was in my master class listening to one of my risk management lecturer explaining on the importance of risk management and the emergence of enterprise risk management in businesses, suddenly a story of her personal friend getting married to an impostor cropped out and a topic of background check was discussed. We were told that this unfortunate lady only realized that her husband was defrauding her after 10 years of marriage and eventually the marriage ended due to lost of trust.

Apart from personal experiences of individuals dealing with fraudster, there were also a lot of enterprises had suffered due to their failure to carry out background check on criminals in their organization. Based on an article in, let us examine the experiences of these organizations so that we can eventually understand the importance of us conducting a background check to protect our personal or business interest:-

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How GPS Tracking Works

Idea of how GPS tracking works is quite simple. A GPS tracking device works by communicating with satellites that orbit around the planet. These satellites are owned by the United States Department of Defense that were opened for civilian use since 1996. These 24 satellites are responsible for feeding the exact location on to the tracking device.

The signals they transmit are very accurate because they all work simultaneously. Apart from the location, they can also give data that will show the tracking device’s speed, altitude, and direction.
Truly, the technology of GPS has come a long way. Now, we see them on mobile phones and in the internet.

Private Investigator at Work-Static Surveillance Techniques

In becoming an effective surveillance operative, one of the most crucial skill that need to be grasped and mastered is the skill to set up a static observation post or some other private investigator terms it as “stationary surveillance post”. Relevant questions such as “Where do I set up my surveillance vehicle?”, How close should I be to the subject’s house?”, and “What if I can’t see the subject’s residence directly?”, are all the questions that might crop up in the course of carrying out the surveillance measure. Below are some insights that might be considered in addressing the issues above:-

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