Executive Protection

My Private Eye Consulting Sdn Bhd had established a business alliance with Executive Option International, a renowned US-based Protective Services Company.

Executive Option International has provided protective management consulting, training and investigative services for both US and internationally based clients over a wide range of travel, venue and assignment requirements. Executive Option International has a total client satisfaction history.

Till to date, international dignitaries, business executives, fashion and entertainment celebrities discerning clients that were cognizant of the real world need for professional level protective personal movement have requested and received the professional services of Executive Option International.   

Is Executive Option International a cost effective expense or consideration? Reflect upon the following reality. Targets with the most vulnerability are “attacked”.  With Executive Option International, resulting such as the following remarks can be precluded.  “Wished they had arranged for a professional advance team and taken professional movement team resources when they had the opportunityUnfortunately, they did not.” No matter where or who you are, professional dignitary level movement has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Specific former client and assignments have included: dignitary level movement of US Presidential candidate; dignitary level movement of US Ambassador; dignitary level movement of US Congress family member, dignitary level movement of Foreign nation Royal family member, protective and confidential movements of international high profile entertainment and fashion celebrities; protective and often confidential movement of international high impact professional business executives; protective and confidential movement of an internationally known and at-risk scientist; protective and confidential movements of extreme high net worth individuals; training to US military special operations teams for specialized infiltration tactics; training to major cities special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams in counter terrorism tactics; training to US military and civilian law enforcement agencies in specialized search and rescue reconnaissance operations and tactics; private investigator services for foreign nation clients have ranged from follow up homicide investigation for victim’s family members; to a client’s multi million US Dollar advance technology equipment disappearance, successful result involved several nations; to a successful undercover assignment involving multi nation organized crime element;  to a local government fraud accident successfully resolved; to successful surveillance assignments. Executive Option International founder is a licensed Private Investigator with international experience.

Touching on some of the Executive Option professional profile that just begins to form up the team include several years of sustained US military combat experience, successive levels of command and staff, special operations training and operations, special tactical skills ranging from surface sea borne operations, tactical operations planning, deep reconnaissance operations, former fighter pilot; private investigation, both conventional and under cover assignments. The list goes on but these are strong indicators of what prepares and conducts the service, you are in very capable and professionally experienced hands.