Pre-Employment Screening

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), an estimated of 6% of revenues generated by enterprises were lost yearly as a result of occupational fraud and abuse. This translates to hundreds of billions. The losses can be even devastating for small businesses as the average scheme amounts to USD 127,500.

In light of the above statement, how can a company protect itself against employee fraud? The answer is simple, don’t hire an employee who has stolen previously and it is essential to carry out a Pre-Employment screening to the potential staff especially to those who will have constant access to cash, checks, credit card numbers or any other items that are easily stolen.

At My Private Eye Consulting Sdn Bhd, we provide Pre-Employment screening services to corporations. Our services in respect to Pre – Employment screening are as below:-

1. Criminal Conviction Checks(Previous Criminal Record).

2. Past Employment Verification.

3. Reference Check.

4. Education and Certificate Verification.

5. Company Directorship/Ownership.

6. Civil Litigation Check.

7. Credit Check.

8. Bankruptcy Check.

9. Others.

We are also able to customize the checking based on your requirement.